ALTUNA since its inception in 1921 has devoted much of its effort to be cutting-edge in the manufacture of pruning shears for professionals, being also a benchmark in the cutting for metals and sheet metal in its industrial line. To these lines is now added the garden one.

In ALTUNA we adjust all the pruning shears manually. All products are reviewed by professional and specialized personnel, resulting in an accurate cutting tool.

After 90 years of experience and collaboration with our customers and users, they have led to the development of 6 families of tools according to their use and utility in one and two hand scissors, hedge trimmers and saws.

Battery pruning tools with titanium coating.

Pruning tools with Titanium technology.

Tools made of  carbon fiber for professional prunning use.

Advanced tools for both professional and garden use.

Traditional tools.

Saw tools.

Tools with Rotary system (less effort) for professional use.

Great pruning tools for garden use.

Gathering tools.

Hight pruning tools.

Pruning products accessories.

Industrial cutting tools.

Different kind of


Basic concepts of


Types of pruning

We all are used to the terms « green prunning » and « dry prunning ». First is done while plants are active and by pass shears are recomended. When plants are not active and its wood is dry and harder, anvil shears are recomended.


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