What is pruning and what pruning techniques exist?

Pruning is a gardening and agricultural practice that involves the selective removal of parts of a plant, such as branches, leaves, or shoots, for the purpose of improving its health, shape, and productivity. Pruning is performed for several reasons, including:

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Hedge pruning: how and when to cut your hedge

Both evergreen and deciduous hedges need to be pruned regularly to keep them healthy and maintain their shape. In this article we will differentiate and explain two types of hedge pruning: maintenance pruning and renewal pruning.

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Fruit tree pruning

When to prune lemon trees and how to prune them

The lemon tree, or Citrus Limonum, is a fruit tree of the citrus family, very popular all over the world, being very popular in the Mediterranean region.

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Cherry tree pruning: pruning season and how to prune cherry trees

Pruning cherry trees is an essential practice to ensure the health of the tree and maximise fruit production. At Altuna Chile, we have developed this guide to help growers understand the fundamental concepts of cherry tree pruning.

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